Hello everyone and welcome to my website! First of all I want to say thank you to the Creator for all the success and continued blessings. Secondly Family and Friends for all the continued support in the last two years. 

My name is Peter Ybarra better known to family, friends and fans as “Tito”. In a short time I have made quite an impression on Indian country doing comedy for a living. As co-creator of the Powwow Friends YouTube channel, I’ve created a following in both the U.S.A and Canada. As a Native American Powwow Singer, I’ve traveled all over the country singing at powwows. Now, as a comedian. I have been doing the same thing using humor as a way to promote healing and our culture. I am currently working on a new YouTube channel “TitoComedy”. I also  continue to work with other comedians and entertainers throughout the country.

Since I’ve been doing comedy I’ve made a number of stand up comedy appearances as myself and some of the characters I’ve created through my writing (Larry T. Baskin, Cante Don’t Play).

I have received much attention and opportunities from established Native Comedians with years in the business and I continue to work on building my act. When onstage, I allow my imagination and my life experience to take over as I share my take on life, powwow , my childhood and everything in between.

It’s an honor to do the work that I’m doing now. I’ve really found my place doing comedy. It’s an amazing gift to bring laughter not only to Indian country, but people from different walks of life.

25 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Melynda Huntington says:

    Hey tito,
    i been watching you sing for years and now im crackin up everytime you post a new video. when i have bad days i hop on the net and watch one of your videos and sit back and laugh my worries away. hopin to catch one of you shows sometime.

  2. sean says:

    keep it up and alive native pride

  3. Lynn says:

    Hi Tito: I am a brand new fan…I first saw your work on youtube. I am a crazy person myself and it really takes good stuff to make me laugh and so congratulations! I like your work because it looks like you and whoever else you work with really understand and notice the social issues we live but more importantly, aren’t afraid to go there and help other’s laugh at themselves. Thank you and keep up the great work! I look forward to seeing your name in the big lights…the humor is edgy and that’s what get’s people noticed! Good luck brother!

  4. lOvEyOUlOCo says:

    You are the I love the way you make me laugh, call me a slight stalker, but I don’t care. Dudes with big bellys juicy lips and well a sense of humor are the epitimy of sexy 🙂 Safe travels and Good luck with the powwow friends

  5. marilyn says:

    I had the opportunity to watch some of your utube videos and you are so funny. I work in a very stressful enviroment I am often exposed to stories of sadness and dispair that many First Nations people are struggling to overcome. Your humour brings healing to our people. Keep up the powerful work you are doing.

    Hiy Hiy
    from Saskatchewan

  6. Fatimah Dawn Partowmah says:

    I love your videos on Utube! You are a natural entertainer. You make me smile. Best wishes for you in everything you do.

  7. Julie says:

    Hay Tito…Just love everything you do on youtube. Wish i could catch you someday in person. I wish you happiness & success in everything you do.

  8. you make me laugh TITO IN ALL YOU DO . I like the stuff u did with 1491’s too , keep making me laugh funny guy

  9. X to the mas! says:

    Nice site bro…hugs and kiss’s

  10. swaggmaniac says:

    omg tito ur like just awwwwesome

  11. Kevin Finley says:

    Email muh boi Tito at: larryT@hotmale.excon lol, Keep on keepin’ on Tito, we with ya bro!!!

  12. Kathy Jean says:

    I love watching your videos make me laugh so dam hard almost pissed on myself ….lol I would love to read about you coming to one of are casinos in Bemidji or Walker to do some stand up comedy !! Do you take EBT ( :

  13. Goodie says:

    Hey yo bro, I’ve seen u jam out and crack out leads like no othe in the past years and I bust a gut when I see your videos and I have the first powwow friends dvd.. But I have one great memory of you being funny, it was one year at UW powwow when u came to our drum when I sang with rose hill, u was wearing a cowboy hat and suspenders and u had ur pants pulled up to ur ears and said ur name was tito cozad I laughed so hard that day.. But keep up what u do cause u bring laughter and joy to each and everyone of us fans… Aho and hope to catch ya on the road or one of ur shows..

  14. Marlena says:

    Thinks its awsome ur repn us natives,the boyfriend and i get losta laughs from ur stuff!!!!!keep up the humor…..!!!!!!

  15. Liya says:

    laughter is the your comedy..very awesome dude.<3

  16. Sheldon says:

    keep the good laughs bro n hope to seeya soon

  17. Tonia jo Hall says:

    TITO …I love your website..keep it up !! let get fired up..we are fired up!!! LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE…:) see u sooooon buddy oooo pal!

  18. luvenia old elk says:

    Ya rock my sox

  19. nathaniel dierking says:

    hey tito, love your comedy and powwow jams, me and my brothers have been watching your stuff for awhile and never get tired of it, hell yeah bro hope to see you live sometime soon and wish you luck with your comedy career, native pride and safe trailz.

  20. David Caparaz says:

    hey whats good Tetow… just checkin out your website… keep up the good singing and funny jokes

  21. Alysia Coriz says:

    Hi Tito I love your comedy channel you always make me laugh XD I met you at the gathering o nations yesterday it was awesome to meet you and take a pic with you 😀 thanks and keep on makin me and the rest of the world laugh our asses off 🙂
    — alysia 🙂

  22. Kelsey wanna says:

    Nice picture my dude the water looks gorgeous

  23. Go, Tito! You’re awesome!

  24. Amazing talent and good gut hurting laughs. Best wishes to you Tito!

  25. shorelineliz says:

    Tito. Brother. You rock! I loved “Slapping Medicine Man!” Do you have plans for “Slapping Medicine Man II?” Cause it would be so righteous dude! Cheers! Liz Levesque+

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